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Parc Robert Hersant

Designed by Robert Hersant in an American style.  This architect brought nearly 15,000 trees to his land to create a wonderful painter.


We often go to play in this golf with only 30 minutes from Paris. A friendly astmosphere, diverse holes' characters, a calme and nice moment not far from the city.


Next to the sea in the central of Vietnam, one of the most beautiful golf in the world, provide a pure symphony of golf, let's discover.


A challenge to play at the signature hole - number 10. The golf is set along the chalk cliffs to the north of Havre with spectacular views of the coasts.


40km north of Hanoi, ressemble to Halong Bay, the view from the course and clubhouse is spectacular as the limestone outcropping.

Still so many beautiful golfs to play in France and in Vietnam

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